3 Replies to “Do Unto Others: Bill of Rights version.”

  1. Excellent.
    Then you can spell it out in some detail. For example, if someone goes around claiming that the 2nd Amendment only protects muskets, because it doesn’t cover anything that didn’t exist in 1790, you can point out the implications:
    1. Freedom of speech doesn’t apply to blog posts, because computers didn’t exist in 1790. Nor does it apply to newspapers, because web presses and phototypesetters did not exist in 1790. Only paper documents printed from hand-set type on hand-operated presses would be protected.
    2. The requirement for a search warrant doesn’t apply to wiretaps on your phone, because phones did not exist in 1790.
    3. Freedom of religion doesn’t apply to Mormons, or Christian Scientists, or Scientologists, or Jehovah’s Witnesses, or Southern Baptists, or Seventh Day Adventists, or Reform Jews, because none of those religions existed in 1790.



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