I’m your Huckleberry, Tim

When I pictute jack boots kicking in doors, beating patents in front of their children, I think about Kristallnacht and the atrocities of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

It is for precisely that reason I own guns, and AR pattern rifles specificly.

Never again.  Not with a hash tag but a bullet.

When I think about that scenario, I’m fighting off the jack boot thugs.

When Tim Wise fantasies about that scenario, he’s wearing the swastika and jack boots.

He was supposedly raised Jewish, but it’s clear he’s now with the Progressives Church of Statism. 

The more anti gun he gets, the more he proves to me why I need the Second Amendment.

5 Replies to “I’m your Huckleberry, Tim”

  1. What he really means is he fantasizes that he was man enough to do that, but instead he wants to make police do it for him. However he seems to have had enough invitations to fulfill his stated desires. Who is this guy that he has a blue check?

  2. “Everyone has fantasies. Some of mine involve ripping guns from the hands of pathetic bubbas who think firepower = manhood. I want to rip their guns from them in front of their children while they scream and wail about their “freedoms”and the evil “gubmint”. Sorry not sorry…”,

    So, Tim: what’s your plan, when, having “ripped the gun from (my) hands…”, since I’m an arthritic 60 + year old heart patient, my straight shooting wife determines that you have now proven that you present a clear and present danger, and SHE empties the magazine? Oh, yes. Bleed.

  3. Ah yes. Another pajamaboi who talks big behind the keyboard but soils his diaper the moment he’s walks into meatspace among real men.

    I foresee severe lead poisoning in your future, signore Mit, if you try to fulfill that fantasy, so… good luck with that. 😀

  4. I’ve seen innumerable instances of Wise’s self-hate and not-at-all-suppressed rage in his commentary. You’d think even a festering pustule of anger like him would eventually tire of proving how inaptly named he is.

  5. Odd fantasies this man has. Curious his attraction to totalitarian ideals and actions and violence.

    Fear and self loathing and self doubt. In 1944 Poland he would have qualified as a kapo.

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