The 305

I was chatting with my buddy over at The Bull in Miami.

Alabama is still very solidly pro gun.  The news of Remington and now Kimber moving to Alabama was met with excitement and welcome.

My buddy in Miami says that people are looking over their shoulders there.

The anti-gun hysteria after Parkland is hitting resonance with the anti-Trump #Resistance and is getting out of hand.

Some people can try and walk back how “Kill the NRA” is just a statement about money in policts, but we all know that it’s bullshit.

I fear Parkland is the one that breaks us.  Not because of Parkland but because it is the Resistance’s Reichstag fire around which all of their hatred of Trump and the GOP can coalesce into something dangerous.

Be careful out there.

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    1. I’m afraid that the Reason article paints a very rosy picture. A less rosy picture is the one painted by Matthew Bracken (in “Enemies Foreign and Domestic”).

      1. Level of rosiness aside, I guess all I’m trying to say is that if even 1% of all gun owners resist a forced confiscation scheme with defensive gun fire, there isn’t going to be a happy ending… for anyone. Even those in their ivory towers. Nobody really wants to be realistic about what banning guns would entail and just how much violence would occur because of it. It would make the entire drug war look like an isolated incident that lasted a weekend. I generally feel that is exactly what people like Bloomberg and Soros are banking on.

          We CAN beat it! It will take a step by step process. Take out the media. Then the local Law enforcement needs to be commanded in to being on the side of freedom, or eliminated. Most will prefer to fight and stand WITH us. Then step by step, remove the known enemy elements… ANY and ALL demoncrats! ANY liberals that are, and think they are a force to be dealt with, must be neutralized, with prejudice!! Local officials need to be neutralized, either eliminated, or incarcerated, away from each other, and tried for the treason they have committed, and justice according to the CONSTITUTION, and implemented. Military tribunals… Then once the locals are made to be a non- threat, start on the national scene, removing the stench of communism from our Republic. Military arrests of all who have betrayed their oath to the Constitution/Office/Republic. This isn’t going to be easy, but it MUST be done, and it has to be done, until they threat is eliminated. We WILL have military help, Our armed forces WILL honor their oath to the constitution, and we will stand beside them, and they will support our journey to restore our Constitutional Republic, as the founders intended it to be…. Certain laws will be amended, such as terms of service to our country, and very STERN, and NO COMPROMISE Punishment for violating their oath of office!!! You start putting the fear of the people in their way, you will find compliance… as Green Beret once stated – ” Once you got them by the BALLS…. Their hearts and minds WILL follow…!”

          I fear this confrontation is coming, within the next couple of years. AND you can count on the Islamic factions in this country, to be fighting side by side with the democratic/communist faction.. Take a look at the CPUSA.ORG web pages… They actually TELL YOU, that they fund, and run the demoncratic party, because they follow the same values as a communist sees them!!! Some will NEVER wake up, and, when they DO, it may be too late… but some will NOT, and those must be controlled, or made compliant to the wishes of the majority, or eliminated with prejudice! I am a warrior… I do NOT look forward to this task, but, to honor those who fought and died in past wars, to keep us free, and save others from this monstrous beast, I WILL fight this fight, and I will NOT stop until the task is completed!! Liberals don’t see that will communism consume everything, and destroy it in the process!! Telling everyone, that their “UTOPIA SOCIETY” would be the proper way, and then find out, they will be the slaves once more to tyranny, and the murderous machines who are soulless, and evil in all intent!!!

          Semper Vigilantes!

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