And then the pendulum swings to the other side.

Maybe if it was a box with real ammunition, nothing would have happened.

Criminal charges will not be filed against a student after allegedly saying a math symbol looked like a gun.

On Tuesday afternoon, Allen Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies investigated an allegation of terrorist threats at Oberlin High School, according to the department’s Facebook page. The investigation revealed that a student was completing a math problem and drew the sign for square root. Deputies say another student made a comment that the symbol looked like a gun and several other students made similar comments.  According to investigators, the comment made by the student in question “could” sound like a threat when taken out of context.

 Student investigated after allegedly saying a math symbol looked like a gun

I kept reading and I did find something suspicious.

Detectives also searched the students home and found no evidence that he possessed or had immediate access to any type of firearm. Investigators say there was no evidence that the student had any intent to commit harm to students or faculty

What kind of household unkempt home in Louisiana doe not have a gun?


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6 Replies to “And then the pendulum swings to the other side.”

  1. Wait. Which one did they investigate? The kid who was doing the math problem or the one that said it looked like a gun? Or the crowd that joined in?

    Yet another reason to GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

    We’re going to hear of more and more of these wastes of time as the “See Something, Say Something” really gets rolling.



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