Broward County Sheriff’s Office keep adding to the crap pile.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A Florida sheriff says the deputy who was on duty at a high school where 17 people were massacred waited outside the building for about four minutes without ever going in.
Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel announced during a Thursday news conference that Deputy Scot Peterson resigned after being suspended without pay.
Israel said he made the decision after reviewing video surveillance and interviewing witnesses, including the deputy himself. The sheriff says Peterson responded to the building where the shooting took place, took up a position outside a door and never went in. When asked what Peterson should have done, Israel said the deputy should have “went in, addressed the killer, killed the killer.”

Sheriff: Deputy never entered school in Florida shooting

Not surprised that BSO has lied. First the news was that there was no SRO available. Then it came out that indeed there was an officer, but he was not close enough:

When gunman Nikolas Cruz showed up ready to kill, the lone school resource officer at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High was not in the building that housed freshman.
Instead, School Resource Officer Scott Peterson was elsewhere on the 45-acre campus during the attack that left 17 dead and 16 wounded, Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie said Friday.

I would be remiss if I also did not point out that the Broward School system is also creating a pile of BS to cover their fannies, but I am aiming at the BSO since Chief Israel was so High Moral Cool Guy in yesterday’s Children’s Crusade Town Hall.

Just a reminder to Sheriff Scott: A former Broward Sheriff also colluded with CNN about guns and a while later ended up as a Federal felon

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  1. On Brett Baier’s show today, Mara Liasson of NPR commented that this shows the fallacy of the “good guy with a gun” because here they had one and it didn’t help. My reaction: that wasn’t a “good guy”.
    But a less snarky reaction: it shows why the right answer is armed teachers. Teachers are IN the building. They have a personal stake in the outcome, it isn’t just their job. An armed teacher would not have failed in his duty like that.
    I wonder: can that guy be charged, even after “retiring” in a hurry, with dereliction of duty?

  2. Another item that came up in Brett Baier’s report: apparently the security video was on a 20 minute delay, so security staff watching the screens didn’t actually have live images but only images of things that happened long ago. WTFO?

  3. I am beyond anger. That piece of #@!* Sheriff has the nerve to lecture the country on leftist media after this happened on his watch! No more from these people. No more.

    1. We do, but it is Broward County which rather have more dead kids than vote a real cop as Sheriff. The last Anti Gun Sheriff involved in a gun control scandal (with CNN too)sailed through it and was only removed because he committed an unrelated federal crime.
      He is now a felon not allowed to own firearms.

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