Do not play by their rules.

I was contacted regarding my puns against Emma Gonzalez and her haircut. And as great good intentions the person had in being careful and worrying she might be in chemo treatment, I doubt it. For once, they would have used that load already and secondly, she has way too much energy for somebody who is having cancer treatments as I unfortunately have seen with my own eyes.

The point I want to make is this: Do not play by their rules. 

Their rules say they can say and do whatever they want to us and we are supposed to take it. They are not supposed to be criticized or made fun of (Don’t be a bully!) because they hold an alleged moral superiority given by themselves and to which we could never aspire to achieve.


Criticize, mock, point, laugh at them. Use the truth, statistics FBI reports to slap them into reality. Demand to know where the money for all this sudden influx of logistics support came from (NRA Money, Bad – Bloomberg Money, Good? ) Don’t let them think straight, keep bombarding them till they grow up or recede to their safe spaces.

You have seen posted in this blog how they want to see us dead, how they want to break into our houses and destroy our property, so I ask you, Why in God’s name do you feel you need to give them an even break?

Once more and with feeling: Do not play by their rules.


4 Replies to “Do not play by their rules.”

  1. I could care less what these little twit wads think of me… I can vision them with an extra hole between their eyes…. and it gets clearer every fucking time they open their little cock holes and spew some stupid shit, fed to them by this BLOOMBURG fucktard…. someone else who I would enjoy seeing an extra vent hole in his forehead…. damn… I am REALLY losing my patience!!! lol!!!

  2. I’m tempted to agree with the sentiment. On the other hand, one of you pointed out in reply to a comment of mine about Florida legislation that careful choice of words matters if you want to get lawmakers to act properly. And that’s a valid point: diplomacy has its place.
    So it seems to me a good idea to go easy on the mockery. However justified it may be, it can turn off people who might be persuaded. If our side sounds calm and collected, while the other side sounds crazy and over the top, that in itself will give credence to our position.

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