Last night’s CNN town hall on guns

I watched last night’s town hall on guns and it was fucking travesty.

It’s wasn’t anything close to an honest interaction on guns.  It was an Orwellian two minute hate that lasted for two hours.

CNN somehow convinced Marco Rubio to go into a room with high profile victims and take abuse.  When the Romans used to throw Christians to the lions, the Romans treated Christians with more respect than those people treated Rubio and Dana Loesch.

I get that some of those people lost loved ones, others witnessed a massacre, but every one of those people have been given a platform of “you are a victim and now you can use that to crybully people.”  And boy-howdy did they do that.

Lets be clear on this.  The goverment fucked the dog at every level on this one.

The Broward County school system failed at every possible turn to stop this because Liberals have their panties in a knot over the “school to prison pipeline.”

The Broward County Sheriff failed to do anything after 39 visits to the Cruz house.

The Florida Department of Children and Families failed to adequately assess the situation, put Cruz on some drugs and walked away.

The FBI was notified about Cruz twice, and failed to follow up in any meaningful way.

So now CNN hosts a town hall where an angry father can hurl loaded questions on guns at a US Senator and whip the crowd into booing him.

Also, for a group of people that keep saying “we’re not coming for your guns, don’t be paranoid” some of the biggest applause of the night came when Rubio said a new AWB would effectively ban all semi autos.  Boy did the crowd love that.

A Parkland student went off the fucking rails.

“It’s hard to look at you and not look down the barrel of an AR-15.”  What the fuck is that?  That is beyond twisted, outright blaming Marco Rubio of the shooting more than Nikolas Cruz.

Then he challenges Rubio not to take NRA campaign money, because Parkland was the NRA’s fault.

Then he refers to Dana Loesch as “th NRA lady” and questions her love as a mother.

Fuck that kid.  CNN gave him a mic and a stage, he had power and he was going to wield it.  I had zero sympathy for him.

Senator Bill Nelson is a mendacious, weaselly fuck.  He said AR-15 are for hunting people and made a plea about background checks that was totally fucking irrelevant.

Cruz bought seven rifles from dealers because the goverment fucked it and nothing in Cruz’s history made him a prohibited person.  Same for Jared Lee Loughner, Seung Hui Cho, Devin Patrick Kelley, and Dylann Roof.  What the fuck is the point of a background check system if the goverment can’t flag to people to be prohibited persons?

Then it ended with a stupid fucking song by the Douglas kids.

By this time my well of sympathy had run dry.

For two hours I watched as professional victims, cry bullies, and overnight activists shit on the NRA and law abiding gun owners because of a tragedy caused by the people in power having their collective thumbs buried to the hilt up their collective assholes.

Not one fucking person in that hate-fest actually blamed Nikolas Cruz for the shooting.

Not one person in that audience asked how layer upon layer of government could have failed so masterfully at doing its job.

Yet, at the same time, those same fucking people want to turn that bumble-fucking edifice of incompetence at the people who did not kill anybody on Valentine’s day, law abiding gun owners.

It was a shit show of Liberal anti-gun tropes.

It is unbelievable to me that one person with an encyclopedic history of violence committed a mass shooting because the government shit the bed on its one duty, to protect us, not now 100 million people who didn’t kill anybody  will have to pay for it.

All that did was fracture the country more.


5 Replies to “Last night’s CNN town hall on guns”

  1. I am trying to wonder what possessed Rubio to go to that “town hall” and specially act like the bland weasel he is. There were rumors that he was thinking on getting re-elected for the Senate, but who is gonna vote for him? Democrats sure as hell won’t vote for a Republican and he is pissing off Gun Owners and Conservatives. In a state like Florida, who does not vote for you is more important than who will.

    1. Marco let himself be played in this case.
      Classic tactic for the media- put a GOPe-er in a place, bring a whole lot of False Consensus and Cry Bullying and people waving bloody shirts, then watch the guy go squishy.

      And when he goes squishy, and says something stupid, the media will then use that line to further more False Consensus.

  2. Again I ask-are you this upset when your friends die from drug over dose and car wrecks? Be interesting to know how many from that school d ied from drugs

  3. I wonder what a FOIA request on ALL FBI/DOJ communications about [killer’s name redacted] would produce.

    Bear with me for a moment. *dons tin foil hat*

    “The goverment [sic] fucked the dog at every level on this one.”

    Did it?

    The cynical side of me wonders if the government really did “screw up” regarding the Parkland shooter.

    I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but after Sutherland Springs, TX, as high-profile a government failure as that was (not to mention VA Tech; Fort Hood [x2]; Aurora, CO; the Gabby Giffords shooting; etc.), I’d think that they’d REALLY be trying to not get caught screwing up again.

    Let’s break it down: They knew, because they’d been told, that he was a highly-disturbed individual. They knew, because they’d been told, that he was prone to violence and not following rules. They knew, because they’d been told, that he was a “security/safety threat” to himself and others around him, to the extent he was not allowed a backpack at school. They knew, because they’d been told, that he was on medications that historically have been linked to irrational violence, including other mass shootings. They knew, because they’d been told, that he was considered by fellow students to be likely to engage in mass killings. Finally, they knew, because they’d been told, that he fancied himself becoming a “professional school shooter”, and said so himself.

    Every single one of these facts was known at some level of government — school district, county, state, or federal — and should have been reported and shared among them all.

    And then he bought, not one, but SEVEN rifles, at retail, passing the federal background check every time.

    I’m wondering if maybe, just maybe, that wasn’t an accident or oversight. I’m wondering if maybe the FBI/DOJ/BATFE approved the transfers expecting (hoping?) that the mass shooting might happen, to justify further restrictions on “assault weapons”.

    If you think about it, it’s really not any more outlandish a hypothesis than that the FBI — at the request of BATFE — would approve sales of thousands of guns to known/suspected straw purchasers with ties to Mexican drug cartels, make no attempt to track or recover them, and expect (hope) that the guns’ inevitable appearances at crime scenes south of the border would pressure lawmakers to restrict civilian/retail firearm sales in the U.S. Because NOTHING like that could ever happ…. Oh, wait.

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