Magpul is gonna make so much money: X-Products CEO James Malarkey & wife side with the enemy.

 If you’ve been paying attention to social media following the horrible tragedy in Parkland, Flordia you know there have been several controversies in the firearms community. One of the more notable ones involves X-Products CEO James Malarkey stating that he believes “gun ownership is a privilege.” The statement was part of a detailed Facebook post on his personal page detailing a plan for a licensing system for gun ownership.

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Go read the post and then come back for final thoughts.

X-+products makes those evil high capacity magazines. Yes, no shit, but apparently they do love themselves some statist life, or at least the wife is disconnected to this world. I love when he says his wife makes her own decisions and he does not have a say so on what “charities” she contributes. First, Everytown is a charity the same way the local Klaven of the KKK is quilting club.  Second, if your partner starts giving money to an organization that has sworn taking your industry out of business, you kick her ass to the curb and fins yourself a nice stripper named Candy.

Third, you are an idiot and people should stop buying your products.

There are rats among us. Vermin should not be around good folks.

Hat Tip Scrappycrow.

11 Replies to “Magpul is gonna make so much money: X-Products CEO James Malarkey & wife side with the enemy.”

      1. The substantial growth of Ruger didn’t happen until Bill died. It wasn’t just supporting 10 round mags, but the entire AR-15 and defensive handgun product line was held back by him. One he died, Ruder was free to follow market trends and saw substantial growth. The warning of Bill Ruger is: don’t side with the antis. It wont make them like you and it will make your customers hate you.

  1. The question Recoil Web didn’t ask but should of is this: “is she so good in bed that it was worth your company?”

    Maybe in a coupe of weeks after all his orders are canceled and retailers return their inventory which can’t be sold, I’ll make him an offer for his company. I hope he can break a dollar at that point.

  2. That was comical. I just read most of it (I didn’t bother with most of the essay he wrote to pretend he didn’t say the original thing). The most bizarre was a message from “the company” claiming the CEO doesn’t speak for the company. Of course he does, that’s what the title means. If they don’t like what he said, the board of directors can fire the bum. If they do not, that implies they agree with him.

  3. I will make sure that I never buy any of their products and I will warn all of my customers about them. His licencing scheme is one of the most convoluted and fucked up things I have ever read.Plus the fact that his wife donates to Bloomberg and his minions. I have a licence, It’s called the second amendment. The only reason I jump through the states hoops for a carry permit is because I have a aversion to jail cells.

  4. If you guys want to be entertained for a few minutes at least, head to one of this companies social media pages (I checked out their Instagram page) for comment after comment destroying them.

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