50 years of Fake News.

President Trump made the term “Fake News” popular about a year and a half, maybe two years ago.

Gun Owners have been living and dealing with Fake News for 50 years.

Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Gun Control Act on October 22, 1968.

On October 22,  we will be “commemorating” the 50 years of the Gun Control Act of 1968. It has been non-stop lies about since before that, but GCA68 is a defining date: Both Senate and House were under the control of the Democrats and it began the accelerated erosion of Gun Rights in the USA. It also created new fervor for those who wanted to save our Bill of Rights. In 1974, the Second Amendment Foundation was created and began the legal study of gun laws and the Second Amendment. The next year came the Cincinnati Revolt where the old school NRA leadership who had gone as far as to support GCA68 was removed and new blood came in not only to maintain the original programs of teaching firearms safety, marksmanship and hunting but to lobby for the Second Amendment because without it, there would be no teaching firearms safety, marksmanship, hunting or much Freedom left in this country. 

Today the barrage of Fake News against Gun Rights is something to behold, but then again we are armed with High Capacity access to Social Media: The “Assault Weapon” of the Fake News Wars. Millions of us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the rest can do withstand and even overcome the tide of information BS against us.

And if you have any doubt how effective we are, just realize that Twitter and YouTube are openly banning accounts from conservatives or Gun Rights people who dare criticize CNN’s Children’s Crusade under the excuse of protecting them against bullies.

But they have a problem. Even with all their algorithms and filters and hired hands to clean the waves:

"Can't Stop The Signal, Mal."
“Can’t Stop The Signal, Mal.”

Keep up the fight. Remember, they are good a polishing the turd and try to make it look like we are losing. We only lose if we give up.

Pester your State and Federal representatives. Make them aware that you are a gun owner that can actually vote and will, not a Pod-Eating Teen with a script from CNN.

I warned you a while back that Gun Control as organized movement is on it way to oblivion, but at the same time, they were not going to go gently into the night. They will cheat, they will lie and they will engage in any kind of despicable conduct possible so they can survive. There is both money and power in Gun Control and they do not want to lose that. They will have the morals of mobsters about to lose business.

Prepare yourselves.




2 Replies to “50 years of Fake News.”

  1. Who here remembers another Broward County Sheriff (Jenne, later convicted for embezzlement/mail fraud iirc) shooting a fullauto AK into some bricks then a semi-auto AK into the dirt and claiming that’s what’s the ’94 AWB covered? CNN kissed his ass then and attacked Lapierre for calling them on it.

  2. “Pester your State and Federal representatives. Make them aware that you are a gun owner that can actually vote and will, not a Pod-Eating Teen with a script from CNN.”

    This. Even if you know your reps don’t care what you think, do it anyway, and do it often. I live in upstate New York, my state legislators and congressman are pro-2A, but obviously the senators here (Schumer/Gillibrand) are avowed leftists. Doesn’t matter, I write to them as well. And to our putrid Governor.

    Also, while they might not be the most effective 2A group and have a tendency to talk down about the NRA, GOA should at least be commended for their mailing list “take action” bulletins. Ok, they are pre-written form letters, but a deluge of them in the inbox of an anti-2A politician is still a good thing. You don’t have to be a member to get on their mailing list.

    And don’t eat Tide Pods!

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