About the whole “BoycottNRA” thing.

These companies gave discounts or offered credit cards to NRA members. The alleged boycott is the equivalent of losing the Sunday newspaper coupons and the week’s junk mail.

In this world of instant rebates and online coupons, I am sure that we will survive “the loss.”

15 Replies to “About the whole “BoycottNRA” thing.”

  1. I’m reminded of the vegans that protested the beef tallow in McDonald’s fries.

    McD’s got rid of the beef tallow but the Vegans didn’t start buying McD’s.

    McD’s regulars hated the new fries and stopped buying them.

    It’s easy to respond to loud assholes on social media. The effect is always felt down the road when the money comes up short.


      1. Why did people fall into the sub prime mortgage and house flipping bubble? Because it is easy to link in terms of short term positives. It’s hard to think about long term negatives.


  2. Since there had to be contracts between the NRA and these companies, I wonder if there were penalties for early cancellation.

    Because that would be wonderful, if they ended up kicking millions into the NRA as a result of being sheep.



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