Florida Gun Owners: Have you contacted your Reps?

I am gonna get this bothersome till the Legislature closes for the year in 2 weeks.

Besides your state Senate and Representative, you also need to contact these two gentlemen: Speaker of the House Representative Richard Corcoran and President of the Senate Joe Negron. On their pages you will see the contact info in the left column.

And this is the locator where you can find the contact information of your Legislators.

Be polite, be succinct, use Gun Control to name our opponents and use the word Rights and Bill Of Rights as identifier of our side. It does not have to be a long and elaborate letter, just make it clear you do not support any more Gun Control bills. You can use the same one for all four (or more) individual, the beauty of Copy/Paste.

On the one I just sent, I asked to investigate why County Officials failed to act on Nick Cruz rather than accepting Gun Control bills that would have not prevented the massacre.

So please, go use 10 minutes of your life to defend our rights.



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