Florida Legislature’s Leadership has come up with a School Safety Proposal

In a press release, the leaders of the legislature announced several items and I am going to focus on the first three contained in Bill 7022

That would be Bill 7022:

Number one has to go. I thought we were done with the BS of having “special people with more special rights than you” even if they are LEO or Military.  And why does the Legislature think that an adult 18-19-20 years of age does not have the right to purchase the basic tools to defend himself/herself?  This is gonna lead to the inevitable Straw Purchase by people who will “figure out a way” to beat the law not knowing they can get in bigger troubles.

Number 2, Three-Day waiting period with the usual exceptions. No change there. I can’t find the Criminal History thing.

Number Three: It can go and I’ll be happy to see it disappear, but as expressed by many others and with my agreement, that ain’t a hill I am willing to die on.

What is in this bill is the Risk Protection Order. (IANAL Warning) But contrary to the one in California, this one is not as easy to obtain or that is what I think I read. It is a long piece of work and I read through it with civilian eyes, but I think it has been tailored not to conflict with the laws to protect possible mental patients or to avoid abuse of the law. I am gonna have to wait for brighter minds to interpret.

Then we have Bill 7024 which protects the addresses of Mass Shooting Victims. I have zero problem with that. And who is the disgusting ghoul who will go bother relatives of victims and/or survivors of something like that? (Your guess is the same as mine, I bet)

And then we have Bill 7026, Establishing the Office of Safe Schools within the Department of Education. At first glance, it looks like the Legislature will be proving several people with jobs which are basically “sit down and argue” how to do shit about schools. You are gonna get a headache reading through the BS. The Meat and Taters comes on the last quarter of the bill: Florida Sheriff’s Marshal Program (line 615).

Again with a quick read, I don’t see anything much that would make me hate this bill. It is the old Armed Teachers bill with some modification. One I like is that the approval of the Principal is no longer required and the school district may sponsor volunteers to go into the program. they pretty much nipped a veto from either two.

OK, read the bills and digest them so we can analyze them better. Use the comment section. Stay away from “Muh Rights!” and assorted BS that conducts to nothing useful in this instance.

If we can clog the plumbing till March 9th and have all bills stuck in the pipes, then we are set even if it means killing the School Marshall thing.

March 9th is the last day of the regular session of the Legislature. If t ain’t passed by then, that will be it till next year. And no, I don’t think Governor Scott is gonna call for a special session since he has his eyes set for Rubio’s vacating seat.

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  1. The reason I’m willing to fight the bumbstock ban is because of how the legislation is worded. A person that puts in a new flat faced, Apex trigger for their G19 could be charged with a felony under that verbiage because the “kit” can “change the rate of fire”. This is one of those “you’ll just have to trust us to discern if we’re going to charge you with a bullshit felony because we feel like it” sorta law. Just my non lawyer 2 cents worth but I wouldn’t trust these shitbags at all.

  2. On 7024, you said, (Your guess is the same as mine, I bet) Around here that would be ambulance chaser and Mr. Legalize Marijuana John Morgan.

    I don’t doubt you have plenty of ambulance chasers down there as well.

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