3 Replies to “Miami-Dade and Broward cooking the books rearding School Crime and Criminals”

  1. They really dug into the Trayvon Martin case details, and they got it right. Stuff I thought was crazy when they first broached it, was later backed up by official testimony and documents. Between CTH and Andrew Branca, I knew Zimmerman was not guilty, unlike the professionals and experts in the media. This latest is all based on their research they have been doing for over five years.

    I thought they were off the rails over Trump, from June 2015 onwards, but on every major issue they were right, not the experts in the media.

    1. Very very short summary:
      Miami Dade PD and BSO with their corresponding school boards decided NOT to report crimes committed by teens, specially in school. The excuse is to give kids a chance for a better future where their past actions would not come to haunt them. More than likely, it is a way to cook their statistics and show their bosses “Hey look how much crime has gone down under our administration. We are the shit! We need bonuses and a bigger budget.” or stuff like that.

      Nothing reported? Nothing to go into the Brady Background Checks that may make them a prohibited person.

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