On Broward Sheriff Office not reporting school crime.

By now you know that the Broward Sheriff Office was not truthfully reporting (if at all) crimes committed by students in schools. Some will find that shocking but those of us who have been living here a while, is nothing new.

Powertrac was a complex statistical system used to quickly assess and respond to crime patterns. Modeled after Compstat, a seminal crime-fighting tool developed by the New York City Police Department in the early 1990s, Powertrac powered up just as Jenne became sheriff. He wholeheartedly embraced the system, torturing a catchy acronym from the name: Provide Objectives Where Enforcement Resources Target Responses Against Crime.

Suddenly, amazing things were happening when BSO patrolled neighborhoods. Crime plummeted and the rates of solved crimes soared. Other police departments in Broward — and all over the state — looked like Keystone Kops compared to crack crime fighters of the BSO…

…By early 2004, the Broward County State Attorney’s Office (SAO) was immersed in an investigation of widespread falsification of records by BSO deputies. Particularly skewed were BSO’s rates of solving crimes in Pompano Beach and Oakland Park as compared to the numbers generated by the disbanded police departments.
Interviews with current and former BSO employees and independent investigators, as well as a careful reading of court and SAO documents, suggest that Jenne and his top men had long known of the problems underlying Powertrac and the improbability of its results.

The Naked Truth – Miami New Times.

It is a long article, but it explains how deeply corrupted BSO was under Ken Jenne and I have the feeling that it has not been cleaned that good after his departure and vacation at a Federal Pen. The shit they pulled was amazing and yet, only an expendable handful were punished.

Fudging stats is too tempting. It requires little in human resources and little in the way of expenses.


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