Woke on guns and cops

The far Left has lost its dammed mind.  There is no doubt about it. 

Wherever a person stands on gun control, the majority of rational people understand that having some sort of law enforcement or security personnel in schools is a good way to reduce the likelihood of criminal violence in schools.

The far Left has drunk so deeply from the well of identity politics that it can’t even agree to that.

To Mrs Cox, armed professionals in school are MORE dangerous to minority students than school shooters. 

This is an overdose on Black Lives Matter.

Only a crazy person would see a police officer in a school hallway and instead of saying “probably won’t be another Parkland here,” says “oh no, some unarmed black kid is going to be murders by him on his way to class.”

The have become so anti cop they can’t even agree to use police to protect children in school.

I just can’t wait for this to be a more mainstream Democrat message.

“We can’t prevent the next Parkland with police because they’re racists and will murder black students.”

That is something the major of parents in the US can really rally around.

One Reply to “Woke on guns and cops”

  1. Didn’t Ana Marie Cox get her start in media by writing about men penetrating her anus? If so, why does anyone listen to her? Has she proven herself to be a rational voice on any subject — no. She’s just willing to do and say things sane people don’t.

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