A necessary celebration of cowardice: Defending Deputy Scot Peterson.

The Left has swiftly moved to celebrate and defend Beta Man/Pajama Boy with a badge.  What Deputy Peterson did has to be normalized, it has to be excused. That an adult will not and must not risk his or her life to defend Children has to be considered natural even though defending the young ones is one of the most basic instincts across  evolved species. Mama Bear is a myth and daddies really don’t give a shit about their daughters has to be the new normal.

And it is all for a reason. As many found out the hard way by the failing actions of Scot Peterson and three other deputies who failed to go inside the school, you are your own and only first responder. And that is a troubling truth that the Gun Control does not want to be heard because it destroys the altar of Gun Free Zones and the belief that only the Government is capable and thus allowed to defend you. If that goes unchallenged, they cannot stop arming teachers and eventually the elimination of Gun Free Zones. And let’s face it: the corpses of school kids is a great fundraising call for Gun Control groups.

And at the same time they are defending the indefensible, they are fully fledged engaged into insulting teacher by calling them both cowards and unable to operate one of the simplest tools in history.  And teacher reps are gladly repeating this mantra in front of every camera there is, confirming that his fellow pedagogues are just imbeciles that only by a miracle of Good are able to drive a vehicle without drooling all over themselves and end up in a ditch.

Here is a guy I engaged with earlier today. He turned out to be Brit, but since there is a lot of Liberals that seem to be Modern Anglophile, his thoughts match what we have been hearing and reading.

I called him on the contradiction of his statement by asking “if a teacher sees a killer coming towards her class, she will rather be unarmed and die or armed and suffer “from the human failing of self preservation’ as she shoots the asshole down?”  It did not go well for him after that. He reluctantly admitted that Self-Defense is indeed a right of every human but he objected to guns and armed teachers. He reverted to the Wild West shtick and then… well it got a tad embarrassing:


Then he followed with the deluded definition of progress:


He disliked that but was polite about it. He went on to talk about his choice being not to have guns, but I reminded him that he really d

id not have a choice:

I closed (I was late with the “Honey-Do” list) by asking 2 simple questions: #1 Do you believe in the right for an individual to defend himself/herself? He answered, Yes.
Then it was to question #2: Why would you then deny them the best tools to do so?

He did not respond but to say we had different views and bid me a good day.

Ladies and gent, that is what we are fighting for: Freedom of Choice. The Opposition cannot allow a teacher to have the freedom to defend herself or she might demonstrate to the world that an armed woman can end Evil when it walks through the doors of her school. Instead of a Government-mandated Lamb, she is now Mama-Bear with her claws out and about to kill anybody threatening her cubs.

And if only once it were to happen that a Mass Killer gets stopped cold from collecting bodies by 60 year-old Mrs. Wilson, the Biology teacher, their prized concept of Gun Free Zones will collapse. Soon after citizens will challenge the concept of not being able to legally carry their weapons even if the are as law-abiding as the Packing Teacher and they would eventually win, either in court or in the Legislature. That would be a calamity for the Gun Control Movement.

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  1. One thing that scares them is the notion that the only thing stopping a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. So they have to pretend Scot Peterson was a good guy with a gun, unable to stop the bad guy with the gun.

    Unfortunately for them, it’s obvious he wasn’t. And on top of that, it’s obvious that he was a government employee, thus blowing away the pretense that you can and should rely on the government for protection. The fact that he had three colleagues who acted similarly only helps to make the story look worse for statists.

  2. Miguel, I have been looking all over the internet for which states schools already allow teachers and staff to carry and for how long. Once I have that list I want try to find out official numbers on how many “incidents” they have had related to them carrying in school. (I may have to FOIA request instead of just Google).

    I would think that if there have been a lot of problems with teachers and staff carrying in schools that the MSM would have the numbers plastered in graphics all over the news, and even if there were just a few, the MSM would exaggerate the issues.

    I can only surmise that since they are not pushing that data to support the gun control side that there has been next to zero problems.

    Not sure how or where to find the data reliably, maybe your followers can help.

    1. IIRC, there have been maybe three issues with teacher mishandling weapons in 4 years. And yes, they were covered loudly by the media. Probably you will find them in the MDA’s website since they are so against allowing teachers to survive.

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