Mass shootings, good guys with guns, and the tactics of war

This is something that nobody in the media has covered, even on the pro-gun side, and it’s starting to piss me off.

According to MSNBC:

The point being, going up against a gunman armed with a rifle, with a handgun, is pointless.

Juliet Lapidos of of the LA Time said something similar.

Even Joyce Carole Oats, in her own stupid, know-nothing way, had the same belief.

This entire argument in regards to the Parkland shooting is a load of dangerous horseshit.

There are trends we see in school shootings.

School shooters try to inflict as many casualties as they can as fast as they can.  School shooters routinely commit suicide  as soon as they experience armed resistance.

  • Adam Lanza shot himself when he heard the sirens.
  • Senug-Hui Cho shot himself once the police got into the building he was in.
  • Eric Harris and Daniel Kelbold bot shot themselves in the library after they rampage had ended.

Nikolas Cruz left the school and went to McDonald’s where he was taken alive, and unarmed by police.

This is important information to understand in developing tactics to deal with school shooters.

#1:  Do not hesitate.  As soon as the shooting starts, run towards the sound of gunfire.

That is the most important.  The longer you wait, the more casualties there will be.

Here is where the “you can’t expect police with handguns to engage a shooter with a rifle” starts to fall apart.  Sure, I’m not going to want to take a 9mm handgun against a rifle on the battlefield, but that is a very different scenario from a school shooting.

First of all, ranges are limited.  Maybe 25 to 50 yards for an auditorium or a long hallway.  That is still well within the lethal effective range of a handgun.

Second, yes, rifles are more powerful, but those buildings are almost universally concrete block.  A 223 out of an AR-15 isn’t going to penetrate a cinder block wall any better than a pistol.  A cinder block was is adequate cover against a AR-15 at close range.

I don’t give a shit if cops aren’t trained to shoot accurately over that distance.   That leads me to the second most important rule of responding to a school shooting.

#2A.  Shoot at that son-of-a-bitch.  Shoot at him a lot.  Most likely, he will kill himself as soon as rounds start coming his way.  A dead shooter is a dead shooter, if the bullet that does it comes from a cop or his own gun, doesn’t matter.  END THE FIGHT.

#2B.  If he doesn’t kill himself right away, keep fucking shooting at him.  The more distracted he is being shot at by police, the less focused he will be on killing innocents.  Every second the shooter is taking cover from a cop is a second he is not shooting at kids.  A cop carrying a modern double stack 9mm or 40 S&W has roughly 45 rounds on his body.  ALL OF THEM should be on their way to the shooter as fast as possible. 

The military calls that covering fire.  It is why it issues belt fed weapons, and the Army fires 250,000 rounds for every dead insurgent in Iraq.  We learned back in WWI, that magazine cutoffs and slow rates of fire was ineffective in battle.  That was after the Seventh Calvary with single shot rifles was over run by Indians with Henry Repeaters.  Volume of fire matters in situations like that.

Look back at the famous 1997, North Hollywood Bank of America shootout.

From a police preparedness situation, it was a disaster.  The cops only had handguns.  The two bank robbers were armed with FULLY AUTOMATIC weapons, converted from semi-auto.  They were wearing heavy body armor.

The main firefight was in the parking lot of the Bank of America building.

A number of police went to a gun store to borrow AR-15’s to fight the men in body armor.  That did little to turn the tide of the fight.  One of the robbers, Larry Phillips, shot himself in the head after being cornered and wounded by police.  The other was shot by SWAT and bled out while handcuffed.

The sheer volume of fire laid down by police allowed an armored car to move into the parking lot and rescue the wounded.

This was a bank robbery, not a school shooting, and still we saw how firing on the bad guy and cornering him was enough to make him kill himself, while distracting the robbers from shooting at innocent civilians in the bank.

Apply this tactic to school shootings, it will be even more effective.

In the last 24 hours we learned that not just did the coward Scot Peterson not engage, but a total of four Broward Sheriff Deputies not enter the school.

Four Deputies is 180 rounds, the equivalent of a US Army infantry trooper’s battle load.  That would have been enough of a distraction to stop Cruz from shooting at the kids, even if not a single Sheriff’s round actually hit him.

The other pile of horse shit the media is spreading about this incident is that it disproves the “good guy with a gun” idea

A good guy with a gun only stops a bad guy with a gun ONLY WHEN HE USES HIS FUCKING GUN!

Being a chicken shit outside doesn’t do fuck all.

From everything we know about the psychology of school shooters a single CCW firing at the shooter with a compact 9mm or 38 snub nose would have done a whole lot more than four cops with piss running down their legs outside.

In situations like this, the number one goal is to save innocent lives.  Anything that keeps the shooter from shooting at innocents is a step in the right direction.




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    1. I disagree. They should absolutely NOT be allowed to hold a job as honorable as meter maids. My view is that they should never be allowed to hold any job whatsoever. Let the bastards starve to death, the sooner the better.

      A really important thing to do here is to make it very and loudly clear that these cretins are not, and never were, and never will be, “good guys”.

  1. I had someone telling me how modern schools had 300’+ long hallways.

    If anyone finds one of these mythic constructions, please let me know.

    1. My old highschool’s main hallway was about 550’ long. The whole building encircled the football field but it had a slight irregular curve to it so it the longest streach you could see was about 200’.

  2. Good rant Sir. As fer these mealy mouthed assholes like “piers”, fuk them.
    They know nothing. Yes an ar is more powerful than a handgun-in a PROFESSIONALS hands. Some snot nosed punk thinking everone but him is unarmed, he doesnt need to be “tactical” . BUT a faculty member TRAINED in defense is not “outmatched”. We gotta start calling out these self proclaimed experts running their jibs on cnn and twitter. Fuk them. I am sick and tired of how low and scum filled these pussies hiding behind armed guards and a microphone are. Did they spend money to get trained as a firearms instuctor? Do they bother to use al gores internet and do a little RESEARCH??? They sit there and spew lies and venom and morons suk it up.

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