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  1. Effective governance eventually comes down to an armed someone saying “do this, or we will have to kill you.”*

    If your guys with arms won’t go all the way and kill someone if needed, then you won’t be governing for very long.

    The old time American Left understood this principle, and worked super hard to keep cops on their side. The “New” Left that arose during the 60’s doesn’t, for the most part. Now, the more Radical members do, and worked so that their nation would fall apart, and the Soviets move in.

    *This is one of the reasons that government and laws should be limited, and why the population should be armed as a counterbalance.

  2. I’ve got two words for you, “Chris Dorner”.

    One semi trained man had Socal cops losing their minds for over ten days until they cornered him and pulled an FBI classic.

  3. I’m putting on my tin foil hat, and I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps it wasn’t so much a case of these 4 deputies being afraid as it was an order that came down from high to, under no circumstances, enter the school and engage the shooter. This Sheriff Israel guy is a Democrat who rubbed shoulders with the worst of the worst (the pictures are out there) and allegations are coming out that he’s corrupt. Then he blamed the NRA for failing to protect children while at that CNN farce. What I’m getting at is that the bell might have gone off in his head that the higher the body count, the more loudly the left would be able to push for gun control. For normal people with souls, allowing children to be murdered to push a political agenda is abhorrent, but Democrats like Sheriff Israel aren’t normal people.

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