They went ahead and pissed off LawDog.

An epic rant that only he can deliver.

And — quite frankly — if you wear a badge, and you hide behind a car while children under your protection are getting killed, you should have the common [deleted] decency to take your sidearm, find a quiet country road somewhere, and Do The Proper Thing.

Sickened – The LawDog Files.

5 Replies to “They went ahead and pissed off LawDog.”

      1. Those rulings seem to be on pretty solid constitutional ground, though.
        This sort of pattern is everywhere in government. The government subjects you to all sorts of regulations, restrictions, and roadblocks with the pretense that this delivers safety, but whenever it fails to do so all you get is a shrug. An example is the FDA: it delays availability of medication (resulting in additional death and suffering) but when it approves a drug that turns out to have bad side effects, the government takes absolutely zero responsibility for that. In other words, they do all harm and no good, but for some reason that unconstitutional agency and many others are still in existence.

  1. I cannot think of a failure that is less honorable. It’s a failure as a human being and a complete failure as well paid and trained security professional.

    Twenty years ago I lost 3 family members to a home invasion robbery. To this day, I would still have given my life to have been there to attempt to stop it.

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