And Condy had to go open her mouth.

“I think it is time to have a conversation about what the right to bear arms means in the modern world,” Rice told radio host Hugh Hewitt on Friday. “I don’t understand why civilians need to have access to military weapons. We wouldn’t say you can go out and buy a tank.”

Condoleezza Rice says US needs to consider Second Amendment’s place in ‘modern world’

And another Republican murders her chance to be President.

Dear Condy: Never opine on stuff you have not personally researched.

1943 Sherman ( Grizzly ) Canadian built M4-A1 – Location: Newhall , Cal. 91321

Marder 1A3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle – Location: Fort Atkinson, WI

1997 Leopard 1A5 Location: Santa Margarita, CA
It is the Washington blindness: We only see what is being talked about in our insulated piece of D.C.

Dear Condalezza Rice advisors: “Have a conversation about guns” was used by Moms Demand (Owned by Michael Bloomberg)  as slogan when they were starting. But since they refused to engage in any kind of open discussion and kicked gun people out of their social media, “Have a conversation about guns” translated to “Shut the fuck up. You are a Gun Nut and you don’t get to talk.”  and that is what we heard when you said those words.

Hat Tip Manuel L.

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  1. Maybe we should rethink the 1st amendment in the 21st century…
    Back then they didnt have radio,tv,computers,”social media” and a bunch of know nothing morons in the district of criminals..



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