Apparently “Kill the NRA” is becoming fashionable.

St, Paul. Minnesota.

The writer of the article gives us this “insightful” comment:

 The ‘Kill the NRA’ billboard likely won’t be around for long, but the sentiment behind it might.

I am to the point that I want them to start the action and try to kill us.  I swear I wanna see both Canada and Mexico complaining about the illegal immigration of Liberals from the US seeking refuge for the shit they started. I can imagine Mexican government telling the gringos that sorry, but they have to take care of the Mexican nationals returning to the mother country first before any foreigner.


6 Replies to “Apparently “Kill the NRA” is becoming fashionable.”

  1. I can see this going very, very badly.

    Some “kill the NRA” idiot sees someone with an NRA sticker on their car.

    Starts something with NRA person in a parking lot, maybe fists, maybe an improvised weapon.

    NRA person shoots attacker with CCW pistol.

    Media goes monkey shit with “NRA member/CCW holder kills anti gun activist in parking lot incident.”

    Shit rockets up a notch all over the place.

    1. Likely a mentally handicapped instigator like the supposed arsonist in the Reichstag Fire. Richard Creamer recruited them to bust up Trump rallies.

      He was a sweet innocent little man at six foot and two hundred pounds (like Trayvon Martin) or six plus and three hundred (like Mike Brown). Never would hurt a fly, just ignore the violent school and domestic history.

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