Gun Blogging is still needed.

First off, let’s face facts: Gunblogging (and indeed, blogging of all kinds) is pretty much dead. It’s pining for the fjords of Norway. It has ceased to be, and social media is now triumphant.

Surviving The Death Of The GunBlogosphere.

I have been trying to write about this for several days now, but current events forced me to delay it till today. The original title of this post was “GunBlogging Zombies… that would be us.” But if the traffic the blog had after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, I have to say the vital signs are quite strong. I don’t share Kevin’s pessimism. In fact and after what we have seen in terms of Social Media active boycotting, Filtering and Shadow Banning, we are now again more that just relevant: we are indispensable.

The Gun Blogs that are still alive, have been for not a small a number of years. Heck, my own crappy contribution became 10 years old last month! So the first advantage over social media is we have a great amount of information collected through the years and available in one place with a simple search. Many of us go back to the Dark and Dangerous Age of Usenet when speech was not only free but brutal just one modem garble away. We remember things from that era and wrote about it All that info cannot be allowed to go to waste.

And I understand one grows tired of blogging. It is not that we cannot do it but we feel we are repeating ourselves, not being original, trendy, cool. And I believed so until I realized we have new people coming in every day and they do not know what we know. It is our responsibility/calling to pass along that  information. How many times have we corrected misinformation related to Stand Your Ground? And we need to do so because we know it may save somebody from ending up in prison.

I was amazingly lucky to have a moment of common sense and convince J. Kb. to join the blog. He is a good writer, passionate knows most of his shit and is in a path of higher learning. People like him and he has helped to spread the word to other I had not. So I would urge my old tired fellow bloggers to search for younger blood, not necessarily in age but in blogging “freshness.” Fair warning: you will have volunteers, but most of them will soon realize it is hard work and will have a change of heart. Don’t be discouraged until you have tried at least 15 different folks and don’t be too strict, we are talking new people here.

There is one problem I foresee coming: Blogger is owned by Google who also own YouTube and has begun a Sherman’s March type of banning and removing videos that are offensive to their liberal standards. If you are in Blogger, you may want to thing about having your blog moved to a paid hosting service. The other set of bad news is that you will have to transfer to other blogging platform like WordPress, but fortunately this is not as hard as it was several years ago. Plugin and Hosting Services will make the migration less troublesome.

So, pause for a second before hanging your blogging mouse forever.  Yu may feel  not as sexy as Social Media, but we are reliable. Facebook is the Blonde, Twitter is the Redhead, we are the Brunette.

We are Velma.


5 Replies to “Gun Blogging is still needed.”

  1. Gun blogging is absolutely necessary in these times, and I wholeheartedly thank the folks who make that possible. 🙂

    I don’t do “modern” social media, despite being an IT professional. Very likely, never will.
    Back when Fakebook started, I saw the potential for what is has turned into today if the people in charge of it were libtards. I hate being right sometimes.

  2. While most of my online rants are regarding printing or other things that piss me off, I do from time to time add gun posts. I believe I will be doing it a bit more in the future. I have about 5 of you that i check out daily, and 2 have curtailed their posting by at least half. Keep up the good work.

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