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Who the fuck is paying this kid?

It’s not the Sheriff’s total lack of leadership that caused his deputies to be cowards when the bullets were flying and glory hogs when the cameras showed up.  It is Governor Scott’s fault.

Apparently responsibility jumps right over the head of the law enforcement agency that failed and straight to the governor, who didn’t appoint him because the Sheriff is an elected position.

Nikolas Cruz, the FBI, and BSO were not responsible for the deaths of 17 kids but the NRA, Dana Loesch, Marco Rubio, and Rick Scott are. 

Are we sure that Hogg didn’t cross into our dimension from Bizarro World, because he is 100% diametrically opposed to everything that is right.

He can’t be this consistently wrong by accident.  Someone has to be paying him to be this wrong every time he speaks.

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    1. They also probably have some pretty good dirt on him as well- the Left doesn’t like it when their props get uppity, and will have the ammo to tear them down just as fast as they built them up.

  1. Hogg is an ‘aspiring journalist propagandist’.

    All he knows is what’s been poured into his brain on the google-twitter-facebook-snapchat feed on the ipad/smartphone he and his agegroup have had their noses stuck in since they were old enough to be a nuisance to their parents.

    He’s grown up as the first real internet generation that has seen what the life of a celebrity can be and is sucking up the limelight available.

    Very very soon he will get the message that he will only continue to be ‘well taken care of’ as long as he parrots whatever the current narrative is.

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