2 Replies to “Now this is funny and illustraive.”

  1. OOOO-HH, The BIG BAD GUNS killed all these children. I don’t diminish the crime, but let’s get real. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. That should be shouted from the roof tops. radios, tv channels, newspapers, social media, and any one else who wants to BLAME the big bad guns and the NRA. We already have laws on the books that would have prevented this crime. But, we’re not happy unless we write some more. Blame the NRA – that’s an EASY target. Why don’t we blame LAW ENFORCEMENT of the laws we already have. I guess all the anti-gun grabbers pick easy targets. Don’t use your brain, lash out to something that won’t change.. Take away all the guns like the UK and AUSTRALIA did and let me know how that turned out!!

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