This is what stupid looks like: @TopRopeTravis

The NRA boycott thing ahs reached Exalted Stupid Status

So what makes this gentleman to be above the rest of the stupid? He is asking people who hate guns and don’t own guns, not to buy guns. I am not making this up. And also, not to buy in companies that sell gun-related stuff they never buy to begin with.

Some examples:

The concept behind the effectiveness of a boycott is to have people who spend money on a company, to stop doing so as way to exercise influence on them by affecting their income. If you never buy from that company, your effectiveness in boycotting is rated as zero.

Who is a company like KelTec or Remington or Crimson Trace going to pay attention to? The idiots that do not buy their products or the Gun People that do?

As I always say, Liberals can’t do math. And no I have to add that  Logic and Common Sense are esoteric  principles that Liberals cannot fathom.

Hat Tip @MalRoadkill

One Reply to “This is what stupid looks like: @TopRopeTravis”

  1. Bwahahahahahahahaaa… exactly! Look at all those businesses they weren’t and wouldn’t patronize. Oh, look — Debra Messing says she’s “in” with this boycott — wonder what things she wasn’t going to buy that she won’t be buying now.

    I get rather pi$$ed at companies who bow down to this crap, such as Under Armor capitulating to the PETA-type crowd.

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