“You never let a serious crisis go to waste”

The quote from Rham Emmanuel is being played (finally) by the Florida Republicans. As you can imagine, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is not the flavor of the month in Florida, even more so than the NRA and he has not received 1/10 of the media crap.

Scott’s office sent out a news release saying he asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to “immediately investigate the law enforcement response” to the shooting, and in a statement later Sunday, Israel welcomed the probe and pledged full cooperation.

Broward sheriff grilled on red flags during lengthy CNN interview

I have no idea if FDLE likes/hates/indifferent to Israel, but this is not a joke. The Governor can remove the Sheriff if it is found to bear responsibility on why his department’s procedures collapsed so bad with the Nick Cruz affair.

But the best use of crisis goes to Rep. Richard Corcoran, Speaker of the Florida house:

And that made me think: “Hey, the could not find a Democrat who is pissed at Israel? And where have been the Democrats other than trying to get bills to ban “assault weapons”? Come to think of it, there has been almost (or no) criticism from the Democrats against Sheriff Israel, how come?”

Never mind.

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  1. Um, for the same reason there was no Dem. criticisms of Hillary, or Obama? Good socialists protect their fellow travelers first, last, and always.

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