MSNBC, Ammution Speed and the wings of a hummingbird

I still can’t believe that MSNBC is still beating the drum of the ammunition speed:

Apparently the teacher will be totally screwed up because the booolits from the shooter’s  Evil AR will reach the teacher before the boolits from the teacher reach the shooter. Of course, aiming, accuracy, etc. play no part in MSNBC’s equation. They must be Fire And Forget Missile Bullets. I think I heard about them in some forum.

Let’s go to basic Newtonian physics: v=d/t (velocity equals distance over time) and that means that an AR bullet will travel 3,000 feet in one second and a 9 mm will travel 1,100 feet in one second. No problem there

The problem is when we start applying real life to the equation. The AR bullet will travel 1,000 yards in one second and the 9mm will travel 367 yards (rounded up) in one second. But school shooters by far,  happen to shoot inside schools classrooms, there are no 1,000 yard long classroom nor 367 yard long classroom.

For the sake of our argument, let’s say that our imaginary classroom is 25 yards long.  I chose 25 yards because a pistol shooter should be able to place rounds on a human-sized target up to 25 yards with a little practice. Now let’s do the math again: To obtain the time for the bullets to travel 25 yards, we apply the formula t = d/v (time equals distance over velocity) and we find out that the AR bullet will travel 25 yards in 0.025 seconds.  The 9 mm will travel 25 yards in 0.06 seconds. In English we are taking 2.5 hundredth’s of a second and six hundredth’s of a second. To give you some perspective, that is about one and a half to two flaps of a hummingbird’s wings in normal flight.

So, in the great stage of reality, unless your shooter is doing some long distance engagement, bullet speed does not count for squat. However, aiming an accuracy count for every brownie point. As in the case of the New Life Church, Jean Assam with one well placed 9mm round took out the desire for a potential mass killer to continue with his endeavor.  And she is not the only example out there, but conveniently the Media always fails to mention them.

The sad part is that there are plenty teachers that do want to take the responsibility of training and carrying a firearm, but the unions are welded at the asses with the Democrats and they will rather insult the intelligence and bravery of their members than go against their political masters.


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  1. This is almost as bad as the Fox news idiot with his “bullet button” .
    Know nothing experts. Fun to watch sad to think people believe this shit.

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