Overplayed their hand on Hogg

CNN has jumped the shark with David Hogg.

This last interview with him on AC360 is ridiculous.

He’s now going through plot points for House of Cards.

Speaking of which, hasn’t he gotten the memo that that show is not to be talked about as Kevin Spacey is persona non grata in polite society?

EVERYONE that disagrees with him is a propagandist.  He’s telling the God’s honest truth, Marco Rubio, the House GOP, they are all liars owned by the NRA and Dana Loesch.

Miguel did a post mocking Hogg’s Aryan backpfeifengesicht.

Now I’m convinced.  Hogg is a high school Goebbels.  There is no lie so big, no accusation so egregious, he won’t spit it out to advance his tyrannical desires.

CNN is trying to use this kid to push a political movement an all I see is a anti-gun Hitler Youth.

4 Replies to “Overplayed their hand on Hogg”

  1. Prediction- the kid is going to say something really, really undeniably stupid in the immediate future. Something so abhorrent that he’ll get dumped unceremoniously into the memory hole.
    That’s the problem with these props- the silly little things start to think that they’re more than a propaganda tool, and actually have some inherent merit.

    Kind of like the traitor Manning’s senate campaign is pretty much dead in the water: https://wtop.com/maryland/2018/02/chelsea-manning-draws-little-attention-in-md-senate-race/

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