State Senator bemoans that his sons would not be able to be aggresive against an armed teacher.

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Here’s Florida Senator Oscar Branynon (D-Miami Gardens)  uttering his infamous “Not to be aggressive to teachers” quote. If for some reason does not start at the cue, go to 6:33. against

If nothing else, Florida teachers should demand a clean bill Marshall after seeing the respect a State Senator have for them.  And also they should stop voting Democrat.

If you feel like having a couple of stiff drinks, you may want to watch the whole video. It is an amazing display of youthful stupidity who thought they were addressing pals in Snapchat and not a Legislature committee. I give extra stupid points to the kid who actually said they were eating Tide Pods the week before and now they were there and would be taking over their Senate seats in the future. Nothing endears you with your Stat Senator than comparing him/her with your detergent-chewing self.

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  1. To be fair to the young child who made that comparison, Chuck Schumer made the comment that he wanted to eat a Tide pod because he thought they looked like so enticing. So, the kid wasn’t wrong to make such a comparison, because Chuck U Schumer is daft enough to want to eat one, and he is a senator. (granted a senator from NY,and not a state senator from FL, but the comparison is still an observant, if not a prescient, one by the young rascal)

  2. The Federalist has an article about needing to raise the voting age back up to 21. And I agree with it.
    I am of the group of people who were able to vote in elections that otherwise we couldn’t have, so I am a bit conflicted.
    But I can say that if I never saw the absolutely ignorant idjitry as seems to be so prevalent in the kids these days. They have their noses stuck in their ipads and smartphones nearly 24/7 and soak up crap like the sponges they are.

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