Tom Fuentes is a retard

Tom Fuentes is the Law Enforcement analyst for CNN.  He was also the Assistant Director of the FBI for four years and spent 29 years with the Bureau.

He’s also a stupid, fucking moron who known nothing about women, teachers, or concealed carry.

That talking point couldn’t have been worse if he had bent over and delivered it out of his ass like Ace Ventura.

My wife was a teacher.  She wore pants.  There is an entire industry dedicated to concealed carry for women.

This may sound enlightened to the stupid host of the Crap-for-brains News Network, but in gun totin’ America, it’s just plain condescending and retarded.

It also explains why the FBI so badly fucked it on the Nikolas Cruz situation as well as the Collusion and Steele Dossier topics.  This interview only goes to show that the FBI senior management has been made up of a bunch of out of touch, stupid, idiot, dumbass, dipshit, fuckwit, morons for years.

3 Replies to “Tom Fuentes is a retard”

  1. Yes, yes he is a retard. He is probably a misogynist that hated the idea of women allowed into the mens club of the FBI.

    I wonder how all those empowered female FBI agents were treated by this dinosaur?

    One of the reasons Mueller and his merry band of FBI co-conspirators supposedly went after General Flynn was that Flynn was supporting a female FBI agent that claimed sexual discrimination and harassment. She even dared to named people on the 7th floor of FBI HQ (McCabe), and Flynn was backing her against a loyal member of the FBI inner sanctum. You don’t cross the inner sanctum FBI, and get away with it.

  2. I wonder if she enjoyed the mansplaining, or if she felt it was condescending but didn’t dare break character since they were on the air.

    By the time she gets to her second head nod her facial expression is beginning to change, but the end where she gives the “mm-hmm” is fairly convincing.

    I think we need a new awards show, for the media talking heads, who can stay in character or maintain a straight face while interviewing someone from their side who is saying the most outrageous things. Think of Leslie Nielsen playing Frank Drebin and the deadpan expression he would give while saying the most ridiculous stuff.

    We need to start nominating the talking heads for the Drebin award. She deserves a Drebin for that performance.

    Ah, never mind. Shouldn’t sully the name of Frank Drebin by associating it with those idiots.

  3. And the astronauts in orbit on the space station could have heard the screeeeee from the feminazis if that had been on Fox.

    If the proggies didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all.

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