From Bad Old Days to Colectible Items.

I was glancing over the “new” “Assault-Weapons-Ban-of-2018”  and came across the expected banning of magazines with more than 10 rounds and the exception to Law Enforcement and Military.

Old memories creeped back of the Bad Old days and magazines tagged like this:

Right now they are just collectibles in somebody’s closet or safe. I could not fine one for sale so I am figuring they would fetch a pretty penny. But back during the 10 years of the AWB, they were a slap in the face of every gun owner. The government in writing told us we were second class or even third class citizens and we were not dignified enough to own those high cap mags, only the Police and Military had the trust of the Powers that Be to have them.

There was never a drought of Hi Cap mags per se.  Companies went crazy manufacturing them till the cut off day and people bought them at whatever price they could get. I remember being asked $80 for a Taurus PT-92, 15 round mag which normally was priced at $30-$35.  I got me one or two mags that were less than ideal and had to be disposed off because they simply sucked.  The market eventually settled to a less crazy level and you could still find magazines for most guns so you can certainly say the magazine ban had zero effect in whatever results the Democrats were trying to achieve.

Fourteen years later and millions of ARs and AKs and other rifles later, I have to laugh at the prospect of a ban on magazines. Manufacturing has improved so much that metalwork is faster and more durable than before producing magazines that will probably last a couple of generations. And we are also in the great era of plastics where companies like Magpul churn their great polymer magazines like churros  at a county fair.  Basically, if back then the magazine ban was unsuccessful, today it would be a total waste of time and it would only work to fill the country with 30 rounders.

Gun Control is the only successful job creation & economic stimulus project the Democrats ever achieved.  You have to give them props for that.


3 Replies to “From Bad Old Days to Colectible Items.”

  1. Has anyone done a 3d printer program yet for a “high capacity” magazine? Would be fun to do and publish on the Web. (Ditto for a 3d printed suppressor.) Both seem more practical than the famous “Liberator 2” design.


    1. I seem to recall a magazine project, but the plastic was far too soft. The tech has improved since then, so it may be more viable now. I don’t recall who did it.


  2. Went looking for a couple of 5 round mags and the local gunsmith ordered them for me.
    About every store had 30 rounders from several different makers.

    The 5 rounders are needed to make the rifle legal for hunting.



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