Gary Tuchman went to the range to make fake news and ended up looking like a weak bitch.

The first eight seconds of the video will make you laugh in derision. Dear God, man, are you such a pussy that you cannot handle the recoil of an AR? Or you just bad acting to make it look bad? And blue tape on the mag? He wouldn’t be shooting blanks, right?

And  Lieutenant General Mark Hertling kinda looks like a weenie  shooting the rifle. This is a guy with a Bronze Star with 6 oak clusters and a Purple Heart, you can’t tell me he forgot to get that stock tight in the shoulder. Is he politicking?


If you are not experienced with the recoil of an AR-15, allow me to give you another video to use as reference” an 8 year-old girl shooting an AR-15 herself.

Making Fake News is dangerous. You can end up looking like an idiot.

8 Replies to “Gary Tuchman went to the range to make fake news and ended up looking like a weak bitch.”

  1. ‘If I fire this weapon in single-semi-automatic, I can hit the target, but if I fire this weapon in full-semi-automatic, it’s less accurate and I’ll probably miss my target.’

    I’m not sure that’s a talking point the General, or the gun grabbers, want to go with, but there it is.

  2. How does a general shoot that badly? Look at that chicken wing. And WTF is fully-semi-auto? Are we sure this guy was in the military at all? Was he AF or somethin? Wasn’t Navy or Marines, that for sure. I agree about the blue tape, but they are probly his personal mags and he just has it marked to indicate its loaded with 55gr FMJ since most indoor ranges dont let you to shoot 62gr green-tips or heavier in their range due to penetration concerns. At about 57 seconds the ‘General’ is shooting at the floor, anyone else notice that? EDIT: I just realized this does sound ‘internetCommando-ish’ and I apologize for that. I’m not changin it, but I do appologize, Im not ‘that guy’, I just get sick when I see grown American men acting like this

  3. My record for youngsters is a friend’s 6 yoa boy with my full sized UZI smg. I’ve had another’s daughter run my M1A1 TSMG (when I still had it) when she was 8 yoa.
    Yes, they were both running them on full automatic after a short lesson and a few rounds on semi. And don’t worry both Dads and I were very close at hand, like inches away.
    Both have grown up to be fine pro-gun/pro-civil rights adults. The girl is a mommy herself now and not to be trifled with.

    I wish I had video so I could hear the SJWs going screeeeeee

  4. “Is he politicking?” Yeah, just a bit:

    [fires the semi-auto at an aimed rate-of-fire]

    “Now those are single shots. If I wanted to fire this on full semi-automatic, all I do is keep firing.”

    [fires the semi-auto at an unaimed rate-of-fire]

    I’m embarrassed that contemptible clown draws retirement pay.

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