Hey Rabbi

THIS is why I cannot stand progressive Jews.

I own guns because I know what happened to Jews that didn’t own guns.

How did she become a Rabbi and not learn the story of David.  When the Philistines came for us, David defeated him with a high velocity rock.

When they come for us again, it will more high velocity rocks that save us. 

Mine says Bushmaster on the side.

4 Replies to “Hey Rabbi”

  1. You bring up a good point and one that I just don’t understand, is how jews can be so anti gun after what happened in WW2. Just does not make any sense.

    1. Depends on the Jews. Many of those who survived the actual camps began the nation of Israel, armed up, and pretty much determined that they would not go down without a fight.
      Others live in Indoctrination Land, and have been fed much Progressive nonsense. They love Big Brother, and am absolutely sure he’ll keep them safe.

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