Lying by numbers

I’ve seen this bit of data before.

It it’s both accurate and misleading at the same time.

What the people who post this want you to believe is that gun stores are EVERYWHERE and that why people are dying.   Americans are crazy and they love guns more than food.

Or some shit like that.

The way that number was determined was by obtaining the number of active FFLs and claiming they are all gun stores.

That number includes every Walmart in America.  Every DICK’S, (at least when I was a kid) Sport Authority, Scheel’s, Bass Pro, and Academy Sports in America.  Every Runnings Farm and Fleet, Rural King, and a whole bunch of Ace Hardware stores (the franchise allows owners to get an FFL).  Nearly every Pawn Shop in America.  I’ve been in countless bait and tackle shops, even a couple of truck stops (swear to God) that had a small counter for guns and ammo. 

Not to mention the “kitchen table dealers” who only do transfers or online sales.

Hell, I knew some engineering consultants that have them for the purposes of litigation consulting so they can have firearms involved in lawsuits shipped directly to them.

The point is, there are a lot of FFLs that nobody thinks of as “gun stores” except when a liberal wants to scare the crap out of ignorant people.

But as Miguel puts it so well “if thier cause is righteous, why must they lie?”

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  1. Even my local NAPA parts house has an FFL. I love that store. Except for the part where they get more of my money than my ex-wife that is… but at least I get something of value in return with them.

  2. Since the gun grabbers love to lie with statistics, did they show the raw data? My immediate thought was that they padded the numbers with C&R licenses.

  3. It’s the same shit, different day.

    This is the list that has the following as “dealers” in DC

    Firearms And Explosives Services Division
    Bureau Of Atf
    99 New York Avenue, Ne, Room 6.E-333
    Washington, DC 20226

    Fireams And Explosives Services Division
    Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms And Explosive
    99 New York Avenue, Ne, Room 6.E-333
    Washington, DC 20226

    With everything most favorite dealer evar!

    Sugarmann, Joshua Alan
    1730 Rhode Island Ave Nw #1014
    Washington, DC 20036

    And the only FFL in DC that actually handles​ firearms only does transfers is listed twice.

    Cs Exchange Ltd
    Sykes, Charles W Jr
    1213 Good Hope Rd Se 2nd Floor
    Washington, DC 20020

    Cs Exchange
    Sykes, Charles W Jr
    300 Indiana Ave., Nw, Room 1140a
    Washington, DC 20001

    Public information from

  4. I have spent the last week tediously answering snarky , virtue signalling, morally preening and ignorant Progressive Gun gun control propaganda questions on Quora-

    These questions invariably contain ad hominem or downright lies in their Construction, such as :

    “Since the ultra powerful and death-ray -like AR rifles are assault weapons and have no use except mass murder and are machine guns preferred by racists as well , shouldn’t we ban them immediately to save the children”

    or some such BS..

    I provide demonstrable facts. I provide FBI UCR citations, Texas DPS License To Carry statistics, mechanical engineering definitions, ballistics info and point back to that irrelevant to Progressives document, the Constitution , as well as the Natural Rights philosophy upon which the US was founded. Sometimes I mention the cattle cars that carried my defenseless third cousins to the death camps.

    They do not care about truth. In Progressive thinking lying is perfectly acceptable; Truth is irrelevant .

    They practice the Josef Goebbels technique:
    “A bold lie, repeated often enough , will be accepted by many as the truth”.

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