There are shields and then there are shields.

Friend of mine posted the following abut Emma “Sinead” Gonzalez:

Every last thing about her was chosen to be a human shield against criticism. Her age, her hair, her nationality, her sexuality, her proximity to an event.

And I simply do not give a damn. When I came to the US in the 80s, I learned a quaint and very illustrative saying:

“If you want to play with the big dogs, you cannot pee like a puppy.”

I already announced that I am done playing with their rules at my disadvantage. I want to play mine and play hard. Do I care if her feelings are hurt? Not one bit. My rights will always supersede her feelings. She does not realize that she has somebody’s hand up her ass and being played like a ventriloquist’s dummy, just not funny or productive.

I am sure the Sinead Gonzalez thinks herself as the new hotness and believes that she has a future in politics and whatnot. But I have news for her: She is a disposable face that will be discarded soon after this particular cycle is over.

Colin Goddard was a real survivor of a Mass Shooter, Virginia Tech. He eve had a got involved in a tear-jerker of a documentary. He was drafted by the Brady Campaign and the traded to Moms Demand.


And dear Mamita Sinead, you are not even the first Hispanic. Richard Martinez was picked up by Bloomberg’s Everytown for Sugary Soda Safety. Her son was killed by Elliot Rodger in 2014.

They are both gone now. No use for the Gun Control groups that your are a part of now. Sooner rather than later your image and voice will grate on people’s nerves and you will become a negative influence, monies will start to flow to the coffers and your calls, texts and emails will be ignored.

Dear Sinead Gonzalez: You have a celebrity expiration date. Prepare to be disappointed.

PS: If your neighbor was robbed and killed in a break-in while you were at your house watching Netflix, you are not a survivor of a home invasion. OK?

That means if you were not in the same building and floor where the shooting occurred, you did not survive the massacre. You were not even a spectator.


2 Replies to “There are shields and then there are shields.”

  1. I said something similar about this survivor bs earlier today about the Hogg brat.

    Since he was not shot, and had not been shot at, he has not had to survive anything other than his own smug self righteous smarm. Quit with the survivor crud. Save it for those that actually were in danger and, you know, survived.

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