When the eyes open.

My mom lives with us. She is a perky little lady about t hit her mid 80s and I am just trying to make her comfy and enjoy herself after a long and hard life. About 30 minutes ago, I was making sure she had taken her med and the TV was on in Telemundo of some other Spanish channel where they were excoriating the NRA and trying to excuse everybody in the chain of fuck ups in the Parkland shooting.

I don’t chat US politics with mom. She is still pissed at what’s going on I Venezuela (You would be too if you had to leave 50 years of hard work behind) but I do tell her to ignore the asshole Cuban and Mexican commentators who are more politically closer to Hugo Chavez than John Kennedy.  But while in her room, the Talking Head of the Hour made some snide remark about NRA members and I made the remark about not quite gaining me over his side by insulting me, an NRA member.

“Are you an NRA member?” She asked surprised.
“Yes mom, since I was in Nashville. More on than off for three decades.”
“But you don’t have one of those ‘Armas de asalto’  Do you?”
“Oh, hell yes I do. It is the ugly one it comes out every time there is a hurricane.”
“That ugly thing?”
Si. You have to stop paying attention to that idiot.

Now, somewhere in a CD rom or thumb drive, there is a picture of mom holding my AKlon with a smile on her face and for the life of me, I can’t find it. But it goes to show how the Media will influence people because they simply do not know the basics of  firearms. And also, if it is any reference, the same people, once informed, get mighty pissed off about being lied to.  Mom was royally pissed at the Talking Head because she realized he had been talking shit about her baby boy. Damn, that woman at almost 86 (in 2 weeks) can seriously cuss!

And that is why we win.

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  1. Que el nino dios cuida a su mama. Going to the NRA show again this year. Any requests and I can drop off some extra swag and catalogs if you want

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