Customer base

I’m wondering just how many people who sign this petition have ever been in a Bass Pro Shops?

I’m pretty sure Alyssa Milano hasn’t.

There is one in Southern California and it is in Rancho Cucamonga, some 80 miles from Malibu.

Now that Cabelas is owned by Bass Pro, let me say this.

I am a Cabelas Black Card member.  I use my point for ammo.  I shoot more than I fly so I could care less about miles.

I doubt Bass Pro or Cabelas would waffle on this, but if they do, I can almost guarantee we card members will find some other card reward programs that are worth it to us.

5 Replies to “Customer base”

    1. She’s a Hollywood actress from some TV show in the 90’s and is therefore smarter, more knowledgeable, cares more, and is all around better than you. She’s your moral superior and if she wants you to give up all of our rights, you just sign the petition and do it.

      At least that how I understand it’s supposed to be.

  1. Sort of related, I never shopped at Dick’s Sporting Goods for anything firearms related. I used to occasionally go in there to buy athletic gear (like for jogging, etc). Well, now I won’t even do that. Pretty sure that store pulled AR-15’s off the shelves here in New York State years ago (yes, you can still buy them here) but just out of principle I won’t shop there anymore.

  2. Funny how these morons think “if the evil gun companys stop selling ar15s all these millions of school shootings will stop” WE the People think ” if we get rid of liberal feel good laws like gun free zones AND treat criminals like criminals these school shootings will stop”…ban the fool not the tool,tho a bunch of libs ARE tools..

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