Florida Senate SB 7026: Meeting adjourned?

I will tell you up front all these Legislative rules and motions and stuff are weird and will not assume to know them.

I have been keeping up with the Senate all day and watching them on their streaming service. SB 7026 was placed in Special Order Calendar and I figured was because of the sixty (60) amendments added to the bill. After the regular session, I saw an announcement that the Special Session would begin 15 minutes after closing of the regular. I waited, the streaming service came up again and I decide to do a pit stop and a coffee run. When I came back, no streaming and only this announcement.

I do hope it is over for today. So far the bill is not scheduled for tomorrow and that means we don’t deal with it till Monday, or at east I hope so.

Anyway, I’ll be looking around coming 6:15 pm. It is not like I don’t trust them, but it is that I just do not trust them.


I got this via email as I was writing:

CS/SB 7026 (2018) Public Safety

SENATE – Retained on Special Order Calendar

I am gonna keep staring at the frigging screen till I get an update on the calendars and pray we run the clock out and the bill does not get a vote.

4 Replies to “Florida Senate SB 7026: Meeting adjourned?”

  1. I let the Senators know how I felt. The answer was vote NO because they can’t seem to understand that writing a law will not prevent what there already are laws against. But yet with a stroke of the pen, they could turn innocent people into felons just by moving a legally bought item.



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