People do not want fickle companies

MetLife Inc., the insurance giant that ended a discount for NRA members last week, had a 45 percent favorable rating, compared to a 12 percent unfavorable rating, before survey participants were informed of that move. After learning of it, respondents with an unfavorable view of the company doubled to 24 percent, while its favorability rating was unchanged.

Companies See Negative Responses to Cutting Business Ties With NRA

I can’t say I was surprised about the Republican side, but the independent side? That was eye-opening. I guess the silent majority id getting tired of the bickering and specially that companies start dictating policy and service according to the political whims of a minority.

There was news yesterday that Pizza Hut is the new sponsor for the NFL and Papa John’s left.  Why? The ratings’ drop because of the political crap out of control, was harsh enough that they complained bitterly but still took it in the caboose.

We are still riding the storm of the Parkland Shooting. The Media took it upon itself to be the leader and creator of the news and opinion rather than reporting. It is gonna come a point where companies will have to exert some control over their advertising dollars and tell the Media to pack it in.  And the companies that rush to lose money because they actually believe Twitter accounts by detergent-ingesting minors actually influence their cash income, are going to explain to their investors why they screwed up royally.

If you virtue signal by removing a 5% discount but lose the hard cold cash of those who actually have the money, you may end up in the poor house.

Teens don’t rent cars. How effing dumb can you be?

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