South Florida Hispanic TV gone stupid.

A Fondo”  is a news commentary on one of the Spanish Speaking channels in South Florida. The host is Pedro Sevcec and the reason he is not to the left of Castro is because there are still old timers that can leave a small Fourth of July gift in his car or home.
As you can imagine with all that has happened lately, the level of lies coming out of him and his guests is simply amazing. I went to check on mom and she had the TV tuned to that idiot, bit it was not what he and his guests were saying per se that attract me (blah bag guns are bad, easy to buy, cheap, etc.) but the image supporting the Anti Gun rant.

Yup, Air rifles .

Miami is the home for thousands of south and central Americans escaping from not only bad economy but from rampant crime and political instability. I cannot comprehend how is it that living in the US and enjoying the freedoms this country offers, they do believe that electing the same type of assholes that were responsible for their exodus and will curtail their freedoms is the right thing to do.

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  1. Thats why i cringe when i see how many puertorricans are moving to FL. Most of them will keep voting for the comunistas comemierdas (Democrats) whose policies resemble the PPD (Partido Popular Democratico, another group of @#%@ commies) and who will give them the most handouts.
    Its the same concern i get when seeing NY and CA plates here in TX. Because most will bring their left leaning voting patterns with them and will riun the state.

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