Ten Years later, we are still the New Negroes.

When I started this blog, one of the firs post was We Are The New Negroes.

 So when I see a sign like the one above I am insulted. Why am I being treated like a second class citizen? I have demonstrated my desire of independence by not relying on the government for my safety. I have jumped through the legal hoops to demonstrate I am a Good Guy. I spent money on a quality weapon and gear to protect myself and my loved ones. and yet, I am treated like a pariah because some idiots fail to see the difference between reality and their own impotent fears and in the process they put innocent people at risk by allowing the true sick and the criminals a target rich environment for their misdeeds and mayhem..
Gun Free Zones are nothing more than a modern-day Jim Crow. This has to stop. Now.

But it has not stopped. And now we are again going through another round of Modern Jim Crow posturing by the weak and the lame.

Companies do not want to do business with the NRA.


If we carry, we can’t be around others because we are a danger to women and children and they place signs that say “No gun here!” as if saying “Come, enjoy our business, thee Ugly People With Guns are not allowed here.”


Media does not want us around nor allows us an even chance in their domains. So we create our own and now they are upset about that and they want NRA TV removed from existence.


And we must prove and pay to exercise our God Given Rights: Permits, background checks, fingerprints. We are considered unworthy, Second Class.


Their “artists” cannot help themselves and have to ridicule us, to caricaturize us as less than human, no better than trash:


And if we get uppity and demand respect, we are threatened with government deeds, violence and death.

Ours is a righteous cause. We will win because the other option is unthinkable. We will take lumps, that is for sure. But we are ornery and keep moving forward till we push our Opposition over the cliff of Oblivion.

And I almost forgot: We have the guns.

6 Replies to “Ten Years later, we are still the New Negroes.”

  1. I think a lot of people are ranting about things they’re not familiar with. There’s a long road why some people blame the Negro. Many people will always point to Chicago as the most dangerous city in America. But, the real reasons go way back. Talk about keeping the Negro down. The city of Chicago has been run by
    Democrats for a long long time. To blame white people for all the problems that the Democrats created is absurd. Why do the Negroes and Latinos vote Democratic each and every election? Because their leaders promise the world and then they’re hard to find after the election. They’ve been told over and over that they are second class citizens. And, I hate to tell you, but they are. Their leaders keep telling them that they are and eventually they believe it.


  2. You will have job security (i.e. blog relevance) until someone says, “Daddy, what was a Gun Free Zone?” and he answers, “A silly idea by liberals that a plastic sign created a force field against evil.”


  3. One of the great ironies of the gun control debate is the respective polices of the Republican and Democrat parties in the post Civil War era. Republicans, especially the “Radical” Republicans supported full citizenship for the freedmen including the right to bear arms for self defense. The Democrats, fearing retaliation from former slaves tried to do everything they could to restrict blacks from owning or carrying arms.

    Now we have Democrats telling blacks that they must surrender their arms so that they can be “protected” by a (Democrat controlled) government that keeps them on the political plantation, and has ruined more black lives and killed more black children than the Klan could imagine. However the Democrats tell their servants that “black lives matter” but apparently only if they vote Democrat.


    1. The “black lives matter” movement was cooked up to force the formation of a national police force to replace state, local, and county law enforcement. The Democrats figured they could staff its upper ranks from their wholly-owned FBI, and then get to have fun finding all sorts of criminals among their opposition.



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