Are Florida Democrats are unkowingly doing the NRA’s bidding?

The clock is ticking for the 2018 session of the Florida Legislature and SB 7026, a bill that the NRA wants deader than dinosaurs.

Now comes the weekend and suddenly we are only 5 day away till the Senate and the House close their doors for the legislative year.

I have been checking the calendar for today and I don’t see SB 7026 up for discussion today (cross thy fingers) or even Monday or Tuesday. That does not mean it won’t be introduced, but I want to be optimistic just a tad and say we won’t see movement till Monday.

So, with the time short, why are the Democrat piling amendments to the bill? As far as I know, each has to be read, explained, voted on and approved or rejected. That takes time, a lot of time and it is irritating since they are repeating the same items over and over.

As of this moment (10:05 AM EST) there are 85 amendments attached to the bill.

Are the Florida Democrats looking to kill the bill? It appears so and I don’t think we would be sad about it. About the only good part of the bill being arming volunteer teachers is hated by Governor Scott, so basically there is nothing left for anybody, at least anybody interested in the Bill of Rights.

This could prove to be interesting.

8 Replies to “Are Florida Democrats are unkowingly doing the NRA’s bidding?”

  1. They have to kill it, or risk losing the issue. This way they get their base worked up, ans can blame the failure on Republicans and the NRA.

    1. The Abode of McThag posted that there is a rumor that the Democrats are sabotaging the bill because they don’t want teachers armed and the Republicans don’t want to raise the age of purchasing. As long as it dies, I truly don’t care which at the reasons.
      One thing I predict, if Florida kills Anti Gun Legislation, the other Free States will follow.

      1. Things are surprisingly ok in the slave states, too. Here in New York, a whole slate of anti-gun laws that looked destined to pass go whammied by senate Republicans who successfully blocked the the bills from even getting voted on. I’ve got a good feeling.

  2. It seems more likely they know it won’t pass in any form, so they’re piling up talking points for fundraising and GOTV purposes.

  3. I was going to post my own hare-brained theory that the Democrats were trying to kill the bill by adding so much crap to it, and then they could say “those Evil Devil Republicans wouldn’t let us pass gun control”. But it seems most of us are on the same page.

    And, Miguel, Rick Scott never fails to amaze me for the level of shear tone-deafness that he has. It’s like he’s totally unaware of anything else in the world. I marvel that someone as apparently politically stupid as he is could get to his position.

  4. I felt that Rick Scott has been pretty good in spite of some asinine things he has said, but it may be that the legislature has saved him. I’m rapidly moving him into Trump territory: only as a last resort.

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