Robocall against Arming Teachers: That backfired a bit.

I just got a Robocall in which and indignant woman was telling me about the evils of arming teacher and making our schools dangerous. I was about to hang up when I hear her say “Press ‘1’ to connect with your representative.” No, It could not be that easy!

So I pressed one and I got connected to my rep’s staff who dutifully recorded my vote in favor of arming teachers.

And now excuse me while I go fetch me a cup of joe.


4 Replies to “Robocall against Arming Teachers: That backfired a bit.”

  1. You do realize sb7026 has a ban on anyone under 21 from buying a long gun and turns bump stock possession into a felony? Not a good bill, and they are going to attach all sorts of bad stuff to it tomorrow.

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