Why Florida SB 7026 must die: Risk Protection Order, isn’t.

You all know my guiding principle: Don’t trust anybody, read the source. Well, Keeping eye on the amendments being piled up by the Democrats on the “Please add more shit to the bill” I ran across this section of 7026 about Risk Protection Orders that is quite illustrative:

You are only dangerous if you pose a significant threat with a gun, that’s it. Is your son hearing voices and cooking batches of ANFO while screaming to the sky how he is  gonna go blow the local Methodist Church? Sorry, no Risk Protection Order (RPO.) Cousin Chuck stopped taking his meds and now is filling a backpack with short machetes after he posted in Facebook that he is gonna slice customers at the nearest Publix? No RPO, sorry. Brother In Law Irving is modifying his F 350 with metal spikes all around and announcing he is gonna shish-k-bob the shit out of every cyclist in the next Critical Mass ride? If it ain’t a gun, you cannot apply.

Stupidly, the Legislature trying to appease Anti Gunners have left a door wide open to pass at least two Broward Sheriff patrols car side by side. Instead of making it a real safety bill (misguided and invasive to rights or not) into a narrow-tailored gun control bill.

Thus, on principle alone, it must die.


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  1. Related to this, I’ve asked these questions of people who have expressed fear of a person once they learn he/she has firearms: Why does the firearm change the equation? If you are afraid of the person now, why were you not before?

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