Sarasota & Charlotte counties (FL): You need to re-elect Senator Steube.

My email alert popped this amendment proposal he just filed:

It eliminates the minimum age of 21 to buy a long gun. Leaves it as it is right now.

If it gets approved or not, I have to say Steube has been the constant fighter for the Second Amendment in the Senate.


2 Replies to “Sarasota & Charlotte counties (FL): You need to re-elect Senator Steube.”

  1. I got an email from Sen. Steube the other day. He’s running for something else – US House, I think. Probably term limited in the Fla. Senate, which is the down side of term limits.

    OTOH, if he’s not the best, I don’t know who is.

    1. Thanks to redistricting, I am now under the Stripper Cow Girl patch who has already made it known her constituents are too stupid to have guns. I may have to find somebody else to support.

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