Makes perfect sense – Oscars Edition

A bunch of rapists, sex offenders, pedophiles, and domestic abusers want to support an anti-gun agenda.

Makes perfect sense to me.

If I were a woman beating, child diddling monster who conducted job interviews in the nude in locked hotel rooms, I’d want my victims disarmed too.

Just keep that in mind when the media praises this orange pin bullshit up and down for the next week.

7 Replies to “Makes perfect sense – Oscars Edition”

  1. Orange, just like the color of clothes the local county sheriff would hand them when they come for stay in the local detention facility.

  2. Whenever clebs get together to send a message, this is what I hear:

    “Hi! I’m a vapid airhead who looks good when saying things written by someone else. I’m also a really insecure person in a business that will drop you like a ton of hot rocks if you don’t go along with the political groupthink, so when my agent told me to get behind this tacky little pin, I did so. Otherwise I’ll have to move on to reality shows or {shudder} Christian cinema.”

  3. I think that all 5.5 million NRA members and all non-NRA gun owners should apply to the source for these in (Everytown, I believe) requesting one of these pins since we, too, oppose gun violence. We should adopt this pin as an ‘in your face’ response to the virtue-signalers of Hollywood and the gun control community.

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