Academy Awards Schadenfreude.

Jimmy Kimmel’s return as Oscars host received an 18.9 rating in Nielsen’s overnight numbers from 8-11 p.m. ET, down 15.6 percent from his 2017 debut. Of course, the ABC special ran about 50 minutes after primetime’s cutoff, so these numbers are subject to some adjustment.
Last year’s Oscars landed a 22.4 rating in Nielsen’s overnight numbers, which count 56 metered markets. That was down 4.3 percent from 2016’s very preliminary numbers, when Chris Rock hosted.

This year’s ABC special will need to stay north of 32.018 million — which is what host Jon Stewart and Best Picture “No Country for Old Men” got in 2008 — to avoid an all-time low audience return. Stewart managed a 20.8 in overnight returns.

Oscars Early Ratings Tank, Show Sinks 16 Percent From Last Year

Is it me or Virtue Signaling is getting mighty expensive? I wonder if ABC is going to have to return money to advertisers, a common thine when the ratings do not meet what the companies paid for in ads.

Well, in the meantime.

4 Replies to “Academy Awards Schadenfreude.”

  1. Let me guess,,, a film won that I’ve never seen, and have no intentions of ever watching.
    Unless it’s by the Cohen Brothers. “No Country for Old Men” was an honest-to-goodness Oscar worthy flick.

    1. No, but his whining, constant virtue signaling and “lookatmelookatme” b.s. means he soon will be wearing tampons.

      Sheesh, what a soyboi douchbag!

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