Florida: Armed Teacher program has been castrated.

If a teacher wants to be armed voluntarily to defend students, unless the School Superintended and School Board OK’s the program, blesses the individuals and the Sheriff’s office wants in the program then it must institute a program, there will be a zero chance to do so.  It seems that major school boards are already announcing they will not give permission to get the program active.

And just to be sure the latest amendment being discussed on the floor and brought by Senator Garcia (my alleged rep) is this:

Basically, teachers will not be able to participate in the Armed Teacher Program.

This much stupidity is why I will never run for office. I’d lose my shit and start chasing people with a medieval mace.

UPDATE: The amendment has been approved. It is official, no teachers allowed to be in the Armed Teacher program.

9 Replies to “Florida: Armed Teacher program has been castrated.”

  1. As a teacher I am considering sending an email to all of the senators that voted for this steaming pile. Can anyone think of a reason not to start with something along the lines of demanding why they want me personally to be shot by a school shooter?

  2. Well, the good news is that Librarians are separately classified, so that meme going around showing the pistol with a suppressor for an armed librarian is still accurate.

  3. Dear teachers: politicians don’t think you should be allowed to defend yourself. In what other ways do they consider you subhuman?

  4. Easy fix. It doesn’t say anything about teachers who are not exclusively classroom teachers. Suppose a teacher is also a track coach or a chess club chairman. Those aren’t exclusively classroom duties….could they be exempt?

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