Florida Senate: Two Republicans voted for the AR-15 “moratorium.”

That includes a two-year moratorium on the sale of AR-15’s, the type of gun used by the shooter last month at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and a full-out ban on “assault weapons.”
Senators voted 21-17 to defeat amendments to add the ban and moratorium to the bill. Two Republican Senators, René García and Anitere Flores, crossed party lines on the vote. Both are from blue Miami-Dade County.

Florida Republicans beat back Democratic amendments on guns, set up vote for Monday.

They had been behaving strangely decent till they were told to attack. Puppies must be reminded not to go against the Constitution. Make a special note to address them when you call.

Rene Garcia and Anitere Flores. (R-Moms Demand)


One Reply to “Florida Senate: Two Republicans voted for the AR-15 “moratorium.””

  1. I still say that the Republicans actually gain by not running candidates where an actual Republican can’t win.

    Miami-Dade and surrounds being a great example.

    They’re not just RINO. They’re Democrat In All But Name (DIABN). Gimme time, I’ll figure out how to make DIABLO out of this.

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