Hollywood and go f**k itself with a little golden man – Part II

The Oscar for Best Writing Adapted Screenplay went to Call Me By Your Name.

The movie is about a homosexual relationship between a 17 year old boy and a 24 year old man.  It is “pedophilia lite” and again shows how the gay community, which once fought against the idea that gay men were the prowl for boys, has now embraced it.

The Oscar for Best Original Screenplay went to Get Out.

The movie is is about a community of old rich white people who kidnap black people to transplant their brains into to live longer.  It is a viciously racist race baiting movie, so of course liberals loved it.  Just like this year with Black Panther, the progressive media is trying to turn it into a teachable moment.

These really is not much different than a movie about the blood libel in which the hero is the Christian boy escaping the Jews trying to drink his blood.  Except that everyone (who isn’t a member of the Women’s March) would see just how fucking horrible that is.

(Honestly, this movie upset me because I really liked Key & Peele on Comedy Central, and it seems the in the age of Trump, Jordan Peele has gone off the deep end. )

CNN is joyous with the fact that Jordan Peele is the first black man to win Best Original Screenplay – for a polarizing racist conspiracy horror movie.

Welcome to “Woke” Oscars 2018, where the best screenplays are for gay statutory rape and an anti-white blood libel.

3 Replies to “Hollywood and go f**k itself with a little golden man – Part II”

  1. “Hollywood and go f**k itself with a little golden man”

    Don’t give them any ideas or this will be the next POS movie they release, and likely given an Oscar for best use of a pseudo-dildo or something else perverted as typical of hollyweird.

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